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Greer Stadium is the perfect place to watch the Nashville Sounds play old-school baseball. 

Summer is the time for baseball, fireworks, hot dogs, and cold chillies for Dad.  There really is no place like Greer Stadium on a hot summer night.  Bring the kids, kick back, and watch baseball the way it is meant to be played.  Who knows, you might just be watching the next Prince Fielder playing for the Sounds Baseball Team!
It can all be found in Nashville, Tennessee, home of the Nashville Sounds baseball team.

Vanderbilt baseball can be fun but let's be truthful - Greer Stadium is the PLACE TO BE !

Visit Greer Stadium and support your Nashville Sounds baseball team.



Sounds Baseball in Nashville, Tennessee!

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Visit Greer Stadium and watch some good old fashioned baseball in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Nashville Sounds Baseball in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Nashville Sounds are a Triple A baseball team that plays in Greer Stadium.

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